1. Website fully operational!

    Although it has been a long time in development, Anchor Packaging has finally launched it's website!

    We now off the absolute easiest way to purchase all of the supplies for your thrift stores!  Once you have signed up with an account, we can set you up to order online as our regular terms customers.  You will simply need to provide a PO number for the order (which can be anything), and we will send your order out like we normally would.

    Be on the lookout for more items and accessibilty for custom products to appear on the site in the near future!  We look forward to servicing you!

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  2. Welcome to the best source for egg cartons!

    Anchor Packaging has always prided itself on quality products and great customer service in many industries such as retail, thrift, and poultry industries. We now have access to the best egg cartons in the country!

    We have the absolute best price on small quantities of plain cartons delivered anywhere in the US. If you own or maintain a small farm or even have backyard chickens, we are your go to stop for egg cartons. If you are a larger user, we can do as few as 21,000 custom-printed cartons for you. Please contact us if you are interested in custom cartons.

    We will have more details on the site for custom cartons soon! Stay tuned for more information on our retail and thrift products!

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