Anchor Packaging Stock Egg Cartons – Why you should buy cartons

Anchor Packaging’s stock egg cartons alleviate the main issue many people face when you’ve decided to start moving some of the eggs that your chickens are producing at the local farmer’s market.  In many cases, you have decided to reuse cartons that friends or family have given you, or you are trying to collect as many from your own personal use.

Using Anchor Packaging’s stock egg cartons gives you the peace of mind to know that it is an unused, clean carton.  Our cartons are made in the United States with the highest quality materials.  We always sell first-run, virgin cartons; so, you know you are always receiving a high-quality product that will reduce breakage and keep your eggs clean.  Your customers will appreciate the extra step taken to provide them with a fresh carton.

If you decide that your usage has increased to a point to support purchasing a custom egg carton, Anchor Packaging can help with that, too.  We can produce as little as 10,000 cartons with your logo with up to three-colors.  Custom cartons can be stored in our warehouse and shipped to you as needed.  There is a direct beneficial correlation to the perception of your business with a custom egg carton.  This allows you to set yourself apart from your competitors.  A catchy carton will sell itself.

Anchor Packaging also sells 5×6 filler flats for eggs, 15-dozen egg cases, and 30-dozen egg cases, as well as clear tape.  Once your business has grown to a point to where you are considering servicing restaurants, we can provide you with all the items you would need to embark on that endeavor.  Egg cases make transporting eggs much easier and safer.

Contact Anchor Packaging for all your poultry needs.  We are a full-service paper and plastic poultry product distributor.  We are a family business that is deeply concerned with your success.  Your success is our success.

Let us help you grow you egg business today!